Today on Mashable, there was a great article about spicing up the usually-boring or time-consuming tasks that businesses deal with. The target for the post was small business owners, since they tend to bear the brunt of the busywork that NEEDS to be done but that takes time away from big picture thinking and creative development. As the article says, these tasks feel like chores, but if you’re a small business owner, there are tools to help you take the monotony out of the workday. Here are the ideas the article has for you:

1. Prezi – Prezi is a presentation tool. If you’re a small business owner, you might make a LOT of presentations. Sharing your vision with a roomful of potential investors, customers or network partners can mean spending hours or even days in PowerPoint or Keynote, tweaking slides and adding sound or animation effects, one tiny piece at a time. In the end, your presentation may come across as barely coherent or cohesive.

Which is why Prezi is so cool. Prezi takes away the linear, slide-by-slide model of presentations and gives you what is basically one giant canvas to play with. You can storyboard your ideas and get all of your presentation notes in one place, so instead of plodding from one slide to the next, you’ll spread the entire concept out and see it as a big picture (which is more like how your brain works naturally). You can tie audio and video clips to various ideas, zoom in and out to get the details right, and even work better as a group (if yours is a group presentation). When it’s all done, your presentation will look great, make sense and flow well, with all the effects you want.

2. inDinero – Ah, the joys of small business accounting. If keeping all of your accounts and transactions straight is enough to make you stabby, there’s inDinero. This software takes your bank info, loan info, PayPal info and other financials and puts them all into a single real-time dashboard so you can see everything quickly and easily. The system syncs with your financial institution automatically (it works with more than 10,000 institutions), so you know that what’s showing in your dashboard is always up-to-date.

But the real benefit of inDinero is what it does for your financial fitness. In its efforts to help you with your financial well-being, inDinero keeps track of how you’re spending your money and tracks changes that occur in your spending habits. From this, it can predict any cash flow issues that might come up for you and let you know how much cash you’ll probably have on hand over the coming month. It even uses graphs so that the more spatial thinkers in the group can see things like how to optimize sales or reduce costs. Recently, inDinero integrated with FreshBooks, so you can keep track of your invoices and how much your customers owe you, too.

3. Expensify – Raise your hand if you love filling out expense reports! I don’t see any hands raised. While most people put up with expense reports because they want their reimbursement for money spent out of pocket on work stuff, the typical expense report sheet is a giant pain to fill out. Expensify takes a lot of that pain away, as long as you’re using a credit card for your expenses.

With Expensify, you can import your credit card charges into the system directly, or use mobile apps and text messaging to track expenses when you’re out and about. You can also email receipts to your account for inclusion in your expense reports. Employers love Expensify, too, since it lets them send the reimbursement money directly to the bank accounts of employees or contractors. Expensify gets rid of the old days of filling out spreadsheets or paper forms with each and every expense and then submitting it to your employer for approval! One less headache in the office, or as Expensify themselves say on their website, “Expense reports that don’t suck.”

These three tools are among the great new innovations coming out each day that make work, especially small business work, more bearable. Put them to use and spend your newfound free time growing your business, thinking big and developing the latest idea that will turn your efforts into success.

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