Inc Magazine has released its 2010 list of the top American entrepreneurs under the age of 30! To see the coolest young business creators this year, check out this slideshow of photos, facts and financials.

It’s a diverse group, featuring men and women of all ethnic backgrounds, industries and interests. There’s the founder of Foursquare (a company valued at almost $100 million), two canvas bag designers, some blog simplifiers, a sports marketer and a pair of wine aficionados, just to name a few. What they all have in common, of course, is youth and the drive to succeed.

popular thoughtsOf course, all a good entrepreneur needs is the drive-to-succeed part. Youth is optional. Newsweek recently reported that workers over 35 are more likely to be innovators. In fact, the article notes, “As it turns out, the average founder of a high-tech startup isn’t a whiz-kid graduate, but a mature 40-year-old engineer or business type with a spouse and kids who simply got tired of working for others.” And the age that people are willing to start fresh with a new idea and take real risks is actually going up, while the number of entrepreneurs in the under-35 age bracket is going down.

Now THAT’S something to chew on.

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t let age be a factor in your pursuit of your dreams. Entrepreneurs are getting older all the time, and they’re still coming up with great ideas, unique innovations and major successes. There is zero reason to let age hold you back; in fact, in this economy, it’s more important than ever to seize opportunity when it comes. Some people are even predicting a boom in entrepreneurship now that baby boomers are reaching the take-the-leap years.

If you need some extra inspiration, think about this: Zynga, the company that created Farmville and lots of other borderline-addictive games, is set to pass a billion dollars in revenue next year, and its CEO, Mark Pincus, is 44. If he can turn a dream into a success, why can’t you?