Every day, more and more people try to start a business online, or create an online presence for an existing business. But most regular people don’t know the first thing about Internet marketing (I know I don’t). Simply having a website or blog isn’t enough; marketing is key to driving traffic, getting clicks and, most of all, getting customers. So where does the average person start to learn online marketing?

As it turns out, one of the best places to start is with Newbie Marketing Tips, at newbiemarketingtips.info. We at Popular Thoughts think that this is a great resource for those with any level of online marketing experience, or even no experience at all. The product has a price, of course (about $30), but the purchase brings you several ebooks and courses that teach what you need to know (and eventually, videos and forums will be added for even more info). The ebooks include “How to make $900 a week in a SUPER niche,” “How to build and use email opt in lists,” “How to sell ClickBank products,” “Conversion secrets” and other topics that will remove the mystery of online marketing for you.

One nice thing is that satisfaction is guaranteed for Newbie Marketing Tips, with a full refund promised in the first 60 days if you’re not happy with the purchase. Guarantees like that go a long way toward easing my mind about whether something is legit or not. And the initial purchase price is low enough that it’s not a major investment just to give it a try. Newbie Marketing Tips can mean that online marketing success is actually accessible even to us n00bs.

If you’re floundering with your web marketing efforts and want a boost over your competitors, visit Newbie Marketing Tips and click the big red button to buy. Good luck!