Scott Adams knows a lot about doing business online. And he should – He’s been in the industry for the past 15 years, working on projects that help millions of consumers. He started as a programmer but quickly stepped into the role of leader, becoming CEO of HD Publishing Group and overseeing the launch of a variety of products during his tenure. Now, he’s the CEO of Adams Online Ventures, and he’s making his expertise available to a wider community of businesses and individuals.

From his bio:

Scott is well-known and respected in the online business community, the card-not-present payment community, and the affiliate and Internet marketing community. He’s also furthering his connections through his efforts in the corporate speaking world, and these connections have proven to be among the most valuable of his experience. His ability to assess a business’s needs, establish a plan for growth, and build on that company’s foundation of strengths is what sets Scott apart from the other business “experts” marketing their services today.

One of Scott’s current sites is Popular Thoughts, a fledgling community of budding entrepreneurs who share ideas, skills and discussions in order to develop their concepts into real-life projects. As the site puts it, “great ideas become popular thoughts, and popular thoughts can mean real success online!” Through Popular Thoughts, Scott has several projects in the works, including a product that allows consumers to watch TV online, a Facebook game, and a project involving methods of unlocking iPhones. Scott encourages people to discuss their own ideas, needs and projects at the Popular Thoughts Facebook page, and he is always looking for ideas that he can help to grow into solid successes. If YOU have a great idea for an online product or service, Scott might just help you get the resources you need to make it happen!

From paycard and card-not-present projects to marketing compliance, and from networking and keynote speaking to helping the next great ideas come to life, Scott Adams has a wide variety of expertise, experience and resources available. He can frequently figure out what a company needs and use his great connections to answer those needs, all with excellent communication, dedication and integrity.