Have you ever had a situation in which you had the right resources in your company but couldn’t seem to get anything done?  Have you been on a committee in which no decisions appeared to be made?  Or have you been part of a team in which the people were great but few if any accomplishments came out of it, and those that did were painstakingly slow to happen?

This is a common problem in many businesses right now. When too many people are involved in a project, the decision-making process gets bogged down and things rarely get done.

Here at Adams Online Ventures, we believe in a streamlined approach that we call Cellular Methodology.

@1Thing4Green turned into a multi-million dollar product through the use of Cellular Methodology

@1Thing4Green turned into a multi-million dollar product through the use of Cellular Methodology

Here is how it works: When we take on a project, we analyze it and determined the needed key resources.  We then create a “cell,” a small group of experienced, qualified people, and assign those key resources to that cell. The cell is then encouraged to work as a nearly independent business. They can use some of the shared resources from the larger group, but generally, they work on their own and get the job done.

The “job” in this case entails everything needed for the project.  For example, consider that the job is a new web service.  In that case, the cell would probably consist of a Marketer and a Programmer. They would build the system, market the system and work to grow the business.  They would essentially “own” the project, and this ownership mentality leads to a drive to succeed and excel with the endeavor. After all, when one’s name is on a new product or service, one has a greater interest in seeing it through and turning it into a success.

We’ve found that Cellular Methodology works exceptionally well if implemented correctly.  It results in strong products, great services and completed projects that can eventually grow in to full-blown businesses in surprisingly short time.